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Ask VALORANT - Feb. 11


Last year, you mentioned looking into Agent-specific keybinds. Do you have any updates?


While we have no specific timing to give you today, believe us that this has not dropped off our long list of priorities for this year. Our hope is to find a version of this around Episode 3.


Are you considering extending the period for a match remake vote?


We recognize there are some problems with the remake system and are actively looking at improvements. We were relatively strict in our initial approach to ensure competitive integrity and avoid any matchmaking abuse, but agree that this has limited the feature’s usefulness. 

Extending the available window, automating the remake function in particularly fast AFK cases, and creating clarity on when a remake is being initiated versus a surrender, are all pieces that we’re considering. We still want to maintain competitive integrity as our number one priority, so our approach will reflect that. We’re hoping to have some changes on this soon and will give you more updates when we can.


Would you consider reducing the Agent selection time for Spike Rush? A short mode feels like it should have a short start time.


We saw this discussion bubble up in some places, but to put it plainly, we're happy with player satisfaction and play time for Spike Rush, so we’re going to leave the Agent select time as is, for now. FWIW, a shorter Agent select window might result in significantly more dodges, which may (at a macro scale) actually increase the length of the mode for all of you. Also worth noting that the current time is to help account for different load-in times per player.

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