VALORANT Patch Notes 33 ⅓: The Final Patch

Mostly all new spring jokes.

Today is the start of our annual hotfix schedule. We decided it’s only fair that we listen to you at least once a year, every April 1.

Today is also the last time we’ll deliver patch notes in this format. Soon, you’ll have to follow each developer’s individual Clubhouse account in order to learn about the latest changes. Good luck.




Sky Smoke (E)

Duration increased 20 seconds >>> 100 seconds

Players loved the changes to Brimstone’s smoke duration and we wanted to double down on the potency of the output.



Flashpoint (Q)

Charges are now replenished on cooldown

Charges reduced 3 >>> 1

Charges cooldown: 5 seconds

We felt Breach was getting too much value out of consequent flashes and wanted to create windows of opportunity for players to peek between flashes



Curveball (Q)

Mouse3 now throws a flash upwards

Mouse4 now throws a flash downwards

Mouse5 now throws a flash backwards

Mouse6 now throws a flash between his legs

Phoenix’s flashes have felt a bit underwhelming against the roster and we wanted to find more creative ways for him to flash


SPYCAM (formerly known as Cypher)

Cypher now replaced by a Spycam

If the Spycam is going to inadvertently use pistols, we thought, might as well go all the way.

Cypher (E)

Spycam’s new signature is Cypher

Pressing E now possesses a Cypher that can run around as a normal player


  • Melee weapons replaced with toothpicks to better represent their hitbox



  • Added support for reflections using real time Raytracing in Split's sewer puddles


  • Rank Reset
    • We realized our Competitive mode could get somewhat stressful at times, so we’ve set everyone to the same rank <3
  • Removed skill-based matchmaking


  • Revised minimum specs
    • OS: Windows ME

CPU: Intel Pentium III
GPU: 3dfx Voodoo 2 or Nvidia Riva TNT
RAM: 64 MB (PC-100)
Internet: 28k modem (56k recommended)

  • To better support low bandwidth minspec players, we will mail players 10,586 floppy disks for the initial game install (shipping not included)
  • We want as many players to enjoy the premier VALORANT experience as possible. With that in mind, we’ve worked hard to make the game run on our new min spec. Due to extensive optimizations, you can expect 1–5 FPS on this spec!
  • Riot Vanguard will now automatically capture your thoughts for pre-thought cheat detection
  • Moving accuracy updated to match ideal VALORANT gameplay, and weapons are now 100% accurate all the time
  • Movement speed increased by 250%
  • Minimap removed to prevent ghosting on streams
  • Server FPS has been capped at 15 to save on server costs
  • Client FPS has been capped at 15 to match server FPS
  • Removed all settings
  • Crosshair customization has been removed, and replaced with crosshair randomization
    • You cannot opt out of crosshair randomization, and this new and improved setting will set random values for each of the old crosshair settings every 10 seconds
  • In order to improve fairness, 10% of all headshots are dropped and no damage will be dealt
  • Normalized ping for all players in game
    • Ping will be added to all players to match the player with the highest ping
  • To combat Input/Networking latency, all gunfire will be predicted by the server, rather than requiring players to press any buttons
    • The accuracy of your shots will be determined by your Rank
  • Tactical VO will now loudly report on every person, place, or object visible to the player
  • Additionally, Tactical VO will now also call out positions of objects and people in your home



  • The weapons updates team doesn’t know this, but we’re going to go into the code and remove Operators and Marshals from the game.
  • Despite what you read above, we are revamping the ping system.
    • All existing options will be replaced with “Going P.”
  • Bow and arrow users from that other game have been preemptively banned.
    • Spamming “I need healing” in chat will not be tolerated, so we’re trying to prevent them from happening early on.
  • As you wait for your queue, we will play “Sandstorm” to pump you up.


  • Fixed bug that made some abilities cause damage
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing players to climb out of their current rank