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26/03/24Game Updates

VALORANT Patch Notes 8.05


Hi, everyone! Alice here with some more patch notes.

This patch we鈥檙e releasing a brand new Agent, Clove. They鈥檙e the latest Controller to join our roster and hail from Scotland. We鈥檙e excited to see you all play them today, and also can鈥檛 wait to hear what you think of them, so be sure to let us know.

We also have a small update to Premier, voice indicators, and a few bug fixes. Welcome to Patch 8.05 and we hope you have fun defying death.


  • Clove goes live!
    • Abilities:
      • Ruse (E): EQUIP to view the battlefield. FIRE to set the locations where Clove鈥檚 clouds will settle. ALT FIRE to confirm, launching clouds that block vision in the chosen areas. Clove can use this ability after death.
      • Meddle (Q): EQUIP a fragment of immortality essence. FIRE to throw the fragment, which erupts after a short delay and temporarily decays all targets caught inside.
      • Pick-me-up (C): INSTANTLY absorb the life force of a fallen enemy that Clove damaged or killed, gaining haste and temporary health.
      • Not Dead Yet (X): After dying, ACTIVATE to resurrect. Once resurrected, Clove must earn a kill or a damaging assist within a set time or they will die.
    • You can also learn more about Clove from our in devs in the Clove: Death is Only The Beginning article or on our Agents page.
    • Watch our newest Controller defy death below.


  • We鈥檝e added a cooldown period between phone number verification attempts. If you run into any issues with verifying your phone number, please reach out to Player Support.


  • Voice Indicators
    • We made some updates to the voice indicators that appear above an Agent鈥檚 head. You will now be able to more clearly see who you can hear and who you can鈥檛. The voice icon will now also show when a teammate is muted or disconnected from voice, and differentiates when a party member is speaking in party voice. The icon for team voice activity is unchanged.


  • Agent
    • Fixed an issue where the cover walls in Iso鈥檚 Kill Contract (X) would not appear when playing with an unstable network connection.
  • Gameplay Systems
    • Multispeaker surround sound formats such as 5.1 and 7.1 are now fully supported. The stereo mix is not affected.
  • Premier
    • Team creation deadline references have been removed from the schedule. There are still some references to the team creation deadline that are no longer valid. Pardon our dust!
    • The queue button now shows the correct error message when a player has reached their weekly match limit.

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