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VALORANT Challengers North America Partners with Aim Lab


Last week, we announced the schedule of 2021 VALORANT Challengers NA - Stage 01. Today, we welcome our first partner who will help shape the future of North America’s VALORANT esports scene.

We’re excited to announce Aim Lab as the official FPS training partner of VALORANT Challengers NA. The popular FPS/TPS training solution currently has over eight million players around the world, including a growing passionate community of VALORANT players.

As part of this collaboration, Aim Lab will create specialized training programs for VALORANT esports to help aspiring competitors hone their skills to compete at the highest level. Players who use Aim Lab to train will have the opportunity to earn in-game rewards for completing programs and achieving certain milestones.


Specialized Training Programs for VALORANT - Aim Lab


Aim Lab x VALORANT Challengers Player Profiles - Aim Lab

Aim Lab’s cutting-edge training programs use the VALORANT API to provide esports players a personalized regimen that identifies particular strengths and weaknesses within their gameplay. The programs will develop valuable in-game skills like flicking, wall peeking, and holding angles—perfect for drilling 1-tap headshots and leveling-up pistol rounds. To compliment these efforts, Aim Lab has launched its Creator Studio, where the community can build their own tasks for VALORANT training.


Creator Studio - Aim Lab

The 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour NA begins Wednesday, January 27th with open qualifiers for the first Challengers Weekend. Catch all the action live at twitch.tv/nerdstgamers or twitch.tv/valorant_esports_na.

To learn more about Aim Lab, visit www.aimlab.gg, or follow Aim Lab on Twitter and Instagram (@aimlab) pages. Aim Lab can be downloaded on Steam, and you can join its Discord community anytime.

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