VALORANT Closed Beta ends May 28

No more drops, let’s put those eyes on the June 2 launch.

It’s over.

Drops, that is. And the VALORANT Closed Beta shortly thereafter. Let’s talk about the end of the world and the welcoming of a new one.

World-wide* launch is June 2

  • You’re probably aware of this, but it’s worth reminding. There are still some regions that we can’t get to just yet, like Vietnam, India, the Middle East, and a few others, but everyone is welcome.

VALORANT Closed Beta drops stop now

  • If you still haven’t gotten closed beta access but were eligible, you’ll have an exclusive Twitch/VALORANT player card sitting in your inventory at launch (June 2). It doesn’t make up for not getting closed beta access, but we’ll see you soon enough.

Closed Beta queues end on May 28 at 9:00am PT for all regions

  • Want to get your last game in? You can start it at 8:59am PT. At 10:30am PT, we’re taking the servers fully offline for a gentle scrubbing.

All progression will be reset EXCEPT...

  • … for whatever you earned in the Closed Beta player pass (which includes that exclusive gun buddy). You’ll keep those.

In a few hours the VALORANT store will go down for maintenance

  • But you’ll get your VALORANT points back at launch! To repeat...

Your store purchases won’t carry over but your VALORANT points will, with a +20% bonus

  • So if you bought 1000 VALORANT points, you’ll have 1200 VALORANT points at launch. It doesn’t matter if you spent those points or not.

We appreciate you all

  • Those who played, those who watched, those who broke the game, those who streamed endless hours of Cypher Spy Camera placements, and those who hopefully found a game they could call home. We’re just getting started, but appreciate you being here in the beginning.

Thanks for playing, we’ll see you at launch (it’s June 2).