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Community Roundup: April 2023


Hello, all! Jo-Ellen here. Here’s the next edition of our Community Roundup series where we feature your fanart, videos, etc. released during the past month.

April’s been a busy month for us (the start of Act III, launch of Premier Global Open Beta, and the release of the Radiant Entertainment System skinline), but that didn’t mean we didn't go scouring the internet for cool VALORANT stuff. Check out some of the awesome fanart and cosplay we saw in April 2023 below.


You like VALORANT fanart? We gotchu some VALORANT fanart.


Via @SamTriesHerBest, USA


Via @Shupm21, Japan


Via @hotwindart, Russia


Via @ILikeAoiro_, Japan


Via @TheNameIsAlias, France


Via @GeckoGwumi, Philippines


Via @Kamimi_0, Macau, China


Cosplay truly is a talent. Check out below some of the very best (including Gekko) from April.


Via @RAMu_QV66, Japan


Via @brokekas_, USA


Via @turara_ice, Japan


Via @MsDiamondBl4ck (Instagram), Chile


Via @Brulee_4745, Taiwan


Via @sith_phantom, USA


Hey—it’s the last Act of Episode 6. Peep the trailer below.

And don’t forget: Premier Global Open Beta has begun. Get your squad together and get ready to battle it out among your peers for first place.

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