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PAX Arena VALORANT Invitational


We’re excited to announce the second North American event in our global Ignition Series: the PAX Arena VALORANT Invitational Powered by Seagate.

Sponsored by PAX, the organization behind some of the most beloved esports and gaming events, and brought to you by Seagate, maker of top-line gaming hard drives and SSDs, the Invitational will feature hand-picked esports pros and streamers vying for a piece of the tournament’s $25K prize.

The four-day Invitational will begin Wednesday, July 22 with all 20 teams, including 16 pro organizations and 4 influencer squads. Eight teams will advance to the single elimination quarter-finals on Friday, followed by four teams competing in semi-finals on Saturday. From there, the top two teams will fight in a best-of-five Finals on Sunday to see who takes home the $10K winning prize.

The first two days of the event will be streamed from the participants’ individual channels, starting at 2 PM PT. The series will then be broadcast live on Friday (starting at 12 PM PT) and Saturday through Sunday (starting at 2 PM PT) on twitch.tv/paxarena and co-streamed on twitch.tv/VALORANT. Starting with the quarter-finals on Friday, along with top-tier competition, you’ll see some of your favorite broadcast talent from the VALORANT community: WTFMoses (as host) and casters Gaskin, Goldenboy, Pansy, and Puckett.

Check out PAX Arena for more information about the Invitational and don’t miss the first day of competition on Wednesday, July 22.

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