VCT Challengers NA and Aim Lab announce The Aim Lab Combine

Aim Lab’s custom training and performance program will allow players from all over North America to measure their skills against the region’s best, earning bespoke gameplay insights and lucrative prizes along the way.

Earlier this year, we announced Aim Lab as the official FPS training partner for VCT Challengers North America. Today, we’re thrilled to reveal the next major milestone of this groundbreaking collaboration: The Aim Lab Combine in partnership with VCT Challengers North America. For the first time, VALORANT players will see how they stack up against the professionals with unrivaled clarity. Think you’re faster on the trigger than TenZ? Now’s your chance to find out.

To underscore our shared commitment to developing the North American VCT talent pipeline, Riot Games and Aim Lab have constructed a series of six tasks for players of all levels to refine their mechanics, improve their in-game skills and learn to out-aim the competition. Each custom-built scenario trains crucial VALORANT fundamentals, such as:

  • Entry - Blend in-game knowledge and decisive action to properly enter a site
  • Headshots - Keep your cursor on-line for a headshot while flicking between targets
  • Microflexing - Make small, disciplined corrections to your aim
  • Tracking - Stay focused while tracking a moving target
  • Trigger Control - Isolate and gauge your reaction time
  • Wallpeek - Maintain cover and eliminate your enemies while peeking from behind a wall




Never fear — the Aim Lab Combine was not designed as a one-time assessment. Players can always repeat each task individually to improve their scores, edging ever closer to perfection.

While the Aim Lab Combine is open to the public, players can link their Riot accounts to access its full suite of features and prizes. Registered players will appear on leaderboards that post top scores from each individual task and top cumulative scores.

In concert with the leaderboard, Aim Lab is launching additional features that outline personal statistics for registered players. Player Cards are lean summaries, easily shareable to social media, that contain a player’s overall Aim Lab Combine score, individual task measurements (accuracy, speed, reaction time, and tracking), VALORANT rank, and primary agent. Player Profiles go further by breaking down match history with unique stats that contextualize match-by-match performance and encourage long-term improvement.


To celebrate the combine’s launch, Aim Lab will be giving away prizes to players who earn high scores. Prizes will be awarded to top overall performers who participate from April 29 through May 5. Plus, all registered Aim Lab Combine participants will be entered into a lottery for extra prizes. They’ll also gain access to an exclusive weapon skin within Aim Lab themed after VCT Challengers.

The 2021 VCT Stage 2 - Challengers NA continues on Thursday, April 29th with the start of Challengers Finals, a Top 8 showdown to determine the two North American representatives at VALORANT Masters: Reykjavik. Catch all the action live at or

To learn more about Aim Lab, visit, or follow Aim Lab on Twitter and Instagram (@aimlab) pages. Aim Lab is a free download on Steam, and you can join its Discord community anytime.