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06/27/23Game Updates

Defy Definition: Episode 7 Act 1


EVOLUTION begins here. 

There’s a plethora of different things to be excited about this Episode and Act. In fact, we’re really excited about VALORANT’s future and we hope our new game mode, Agent, Progression system, and skinline get you excited, too. You can read about those below and be sure to check out each trailer to see it all in action. 

Lastly, we know we’re introducing a lot of different things all at once, but it’s because we're excited to share all these new ways for you to play VALORANT and interact with us, no matter what path within the community you choose to take. 

We can't wait to see what you do next.


Say hello to Team Deathmatch: our latest 5v5 game mode that pits you and your teammates against an enemy team in one of three new maps built just for this new game mode. 

There are four timed stages and no econ. You will respawn every 1.5 seconds. The first to 100 kills wins.

Whether you’re looking for something more friendly and fun to play with friends, or maybe you want to hone your gunplay while still earning points through our new Progression System, check out a new way to play VALORANT with Team Deathmatch.


Welcome our newest Sentinel Agent, Deadlock. This Norwegian operative deploys an array of cutting-edge nanowire to secure the battlefield from even the most lethal assault. But be warned: no one escapes her vigilant watch, nor survives her unyielding ferocity.

Prepare to be aggressive and catch your opponents off guard using no-setup-needed utility with Deadlock.


Missed the chance to grab the Make Some Noise spray? Never remembered to activate an Agent contract? 

Our updated Progression System will help you with those and more. You’ll be better recognized and rewarded in all the different ways you spend time playing VALORANT—not just clutching as your main in Competitive, but playing with friends in Team Deathmatch, getting a Swiftplay in during lunchtime, etc. You’ll be able to focus on however you want to play VALORANT without grinding for the items you want or needing to remember to activate a contract. 

This is a big update to our Progression System, but know that it won’t be the last. We continually turn to the community for feedback so let us know what you think.


Are you ready for our newest skinline? We reckon so.

Introducing Neo Frontier—using advanced, cutting edge technology, Neo Frontier blends the Old West with the Neo Future to create the perfect weapon line. Sleek, and above all, powerful, this new line promises to continue Frontier’s dominance for centuries to come.

With its evolving animations and audio, and a reactive gun buddy, this will be our first skinline that changes radically with each new tier so check it out before it's gone.


Don’t forget: Champions will take place in Los Angeles soon, and we've got some very special things in store for you. Get excited.

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