From the Archives: The Sting Audio Logs // VALORANT

Jump back in time and hear the story you may have missed around the operation to capture Fade.

Hopefully you’ve seen Fade’s reveal trailer where she torments Agents with their own nightmares. But there’s more to that story.

Before becoming an ally, Fade was the aggressor, blackmailing VALORANT over crimes for which she believed them guilty (don’t worry, they weren’t—it turns out interpreting nightmare-visions can be tricky). In Patch 4.07, tucked away on the Shooting Range map, keen-eyed players found this radio communications recording: an audio log of VALORANT’s mission in Istanbul to capture Fade and bring her in.

If you missed it while it was in-game, check it out! Evidence of Agent activity is always popping up on the range, in Cypher’s surveillance station or downstairs in Brimstone’s field office. After your next bout against the range’s bots, consider taking a look around. You never know what you might find.