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12/06/22Game Updates

VALORANT 2022 Year-End


How’s your past year been? Did you rank up? Or maybe you finally perfected your Sova lineup. Here at VALORANT, we’ve had a pretty busy year ourselves. Read below on what we’ve still got in store for you.

2022 Recall Event Pass (Dec. 14 4PM PT - Jan. 4 4PM PT)

The year 2022 is coming to a close and that means it’s time for some year-end celebrations. So how about a free Event Pass? Look out for the Walis Tambo Gun Buddy, Fakeout Spray, two new Titles, and two new Player cards that are all nods to some truly great (and hilarious) 2022 moments. And the best part? All you need to do to earn these items is play VALORANT from Dec. 14 4PM PT to Jan. 4 4PM PT.

Squad Boost (Dec. 14 4PM PT - Jan. 4 4PM PT)

Want to make memories and some friends? As a thank you for being part of our VALORANT community, from Dec. 14 4PM PT to Jan. 4 4PM PT, we’re giving you a little extra boost—earn up to 20% bonus match XP for games played in a group. So get some friends or just a buddy and earn some extra XP.

  • Duos get an 8% increase
  • Trios get a 12% increase
  • Party of 4? 16% increase
  • Full squads of 5 get the full 20% increase

Swiftplay Beta (Dec. 6 - Jan. 10)

You wanted more shots and more reps, so we’re giving you Swiftplay, in Beta starting Dec. 6 through January 10, 2023.

Like your standard 5v5 Unrated mode, but condensed:

  • First to 5 rounds, 4-round half
  • Spike mode victory conditions
    • Single Spike carrier
  • Set Credit amounts granted at the start of the round
    • 800
    • 2400*
      • Not including 600c bonus for winning pistol
    • 4250
    • 4250
  • Weapon and Credit carryover supported
  • +600 credit bonus for winning pistol round
  • Standard Kill bonuses (+200c) and Spike Plant bonuses (+300c)
  • 2 Ult points granted at the start of each half
  • Sudden death overtime
  • Match time is approx. 15 minutes

Grab everyone you know and help us test out the Swiftplay Beta!

RE//LOAD (Dec. 16)

As an end-of-year celebration of our VALORANT players, pros, creators, and fans, we’ve teamed up with Crown Channel for a fun, digital livestream event on Dec. 16 that will be a celebratory lookback at the year.

Viewers on Twitch will get to watch and interact with an immersive experience that includes five differently themed activation areas relating to VALORANT and its community, a pro-am tournament, surprise special guests, and a music performance by Mike Dimes to close. Plus, people who tune in can gain access to exclusive giveaways (including one with Secretlab), claim VALORANT goodies with the Prime Gaming offer, and more.

Let’s party. Watch at twitch.tv/crown on Dec. 16 from 10AM to 3PM PT. Tune in early to catch the pre-show DJ set by Dabin.

GIVE BACK // 2022 BUNDLE (Nov. 16 - 30)

To say we’re overwhelmed by how many of you came out and bought the Give Back // 2022 Bundle, is an understatement. From Nov. 16–30, 50% of proceeds from weapon skins and 100% of proceeds from accessories in the Give Back // 2022 Bundle went towards the Riot Games Social Impact Fund in partnership with ImpactAssets.

Thank you for helping us make direct investments into global organizations aimed at solving some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Night.Market (Dec. 7 4PM PT - Jan. 4 4PM PT)

What will your six skins be? On Dec. 7, the familiar Night.Market button will once again appear. All discounted. All unique weapon skins for you. Snatch up what you want by Jan. 4.

Flashback (End of year)

Ever wonder if your most played Agent is the one you play best? Or how many headshots you landed in 2022? If so, be sure you’ve opted-in to receive VALORANT marketing emails by Dec. 26 because at the end of the year, we’ll be sending out your personalized #VALFlashback email with stats detailing all the cool stuff you achieved in 2022. Want bragging rights? Share the progress you’ve made in-game and your best/worst/craziest moments from 2022 on your socials.

Here’s how to opt-in:

  1. Head to https://account.riotgames.com and log in
  2. Look for and click “COMMUNICATION PREFERENCES” on the left
  3. Then check the "Communications from Riot Games" box and you’re all set


As a gift to you, our VALORANT community, we took all of the in-game music from Episode 5 and worked with the producer, Shyloom, to make commercial-length versions of each piece—and pulled it all together into a mixtape just for you. The songs will be available to stream on all streaming platforms, but be sure to keep your eyes on our socials for the download link.

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