Check out the VALORANT closed beta asset kit and stream overlay!

Now that VALORANT’s closed beta has launched in North America and Europe, we want to help you supercharge your content creation abilities! Below you’ll find a bunch of official assets ready for you to grab and integrate into your streams, YouTube videos, fanart, cosplay, whatever!

Stream Overlay


To help all our streamers, we’ve created a VALORANT specific overlay. This way, when you’re ready to show off your clutch plays, you have the right tools to back you up. Here is both the overlay and an ending screen.



With a new game comes a new set of logos. So, here they are, with full transparent PNG kung fu grip!

First Look Screengrabs


Before closed beta there were a few screenshots released to show off the agents in battle. We think they might make some handy reference images or wallpapers.

Character Art


We’ve also collected some awesome images for you to peruse, from agent art to the general branding guidelines for VALORANT.

Concept Art


Fan artists and cosplayers, don’t think we forgot about you! Deep dive into some incredible concept art for the agents and their weapons here!

Don’t forget, if you create something with these files, tag @PlayVALORANT on social media. We cannot wait to see what you make, just remember to keep in mind our Legal Jibber Jabber.