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Community Roundup: Clove


Hey, friends! Jo-Ellen here.

I’ve returned with a very special edition of the Community Roundup. On March 26th, our newest Controller, Clove, became playable in-game, but even before all that people got their first taste of our Scottish Agent on March 24th and the fanart, cosplay, and more have been piling in.

You all seem to love Clove and their aesthetic, style, vibe, etc. Trust us, we’ve noticed.

Below, you’ll find a small sampling of some of the best stuff we’ve seen out there.


“One downside to being immortal? I can't play dead.”

@WoOmPfy / Germany

@applechancery2 / USA


@Blackpastel2 / UK


@domiiiq312 / Philippines


@FatKolala / Taiwan


@pleaseeatPho / Vietnam


@whipsodiart / Philippines


@HimenoSoraaa / Japan


@LeoEckes / China


“No Peeking!”

@KyrraMarie / USA


@TheEmpressAzula / UK


@YazBaee / UK


@Darka_Studio / Spain


@alycatfae / USA


“Listen up ye muckers”

In the middle of March 2024, we invited a bunch of creators to test out Clove. Check out their reactions, sick ults, and more below.

We arewaiting

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