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Community Spotlight: Your Wildest Lore Theories


The recent cinematic sent our community lore detectives scrambling for answers. Yeah you’re not going to find those below. Instead, we asked the dedicated lore Discord servers and Twitter to send us the wildest lore theories possible and collected a few here.

These theories are about as real as your chances in a 1v1 against TenZ.. But we love them, because they are yours.


“The younger Agents decided to make a tier list based on what Agents referred to themselves as. After going through the individual references, such as Cypher being Prometheus, Sage a mountain, KAY/O a toaster, etc. they moved on to how Agents roasted others…Neon brought up the excellent point of ‘If Chamber gets Brimstone ulted, doesn't that make him a french fry?’ The VALORANT Protocol now eats Chamber Fries every Friday.” —riptide30125

“Tactibear is a rampant alcoholic and his Tactifriends attempted to intervene, but failed. They instead cast him out to live a lonely, drunken life, wandering the world.” —the kayo simpsmith

“Chamber is lactose intolerant. As a Frenchman, his existence is agony.” —@imabeboop

“The reason for Chamber's legendary aim is an interdimensional hamburger that only he can see and he consumes it before each mission to boost his accuracy.” —Strawberry7

“Viper is the creator of diet milk, and it can also be utilized as a poison if one simply adds an egg to it.” —MarkTheNerd


“Omen is as previously shown a gigantic deep sea octopus and actually created the tides that engulfed Pearl.” —omega seb

“League of Legends is an educational game in the VALORANT universe.” —Prime Miniature

“Cypher is 5 Tactibears in a trench coat.” —Astra (the Discord user, not the Agent)

“Fade fangirls over Viper, and sends her love letters anonymously.” —ChillXViper

“Viper fell in love with Britney Spears’ hit song Toxic, as a young girl and based her whole persona on it.” —@btwbluwu

“Omen is just a shy little dude. just a guy that likes to vibe. He's just out there.” —@haisyub


“Since these Agents are famous in Omega Earth, Legion's code names are different from their usual call signs. For example, Sabine Callas within Legion's walls is called “Pandemic,” but is known famously as Viper, Chamber as deadeye, etc.” —Sadie

“Fade has no teeth. It's all dentures.” —@longedchoppedbean

“Every round played is an alternate reality.” —@Dje824

“Sage gets her life from alternate realities unknowingly. Omen has even questioned if Sage even really knows where she gets it from and she seems like she doesn’t know. How awful would it be to think you’re ‘healing’ people but also killing people in an entirely alternate reality!” —@Sir_Jeppy

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