Ask VALORANT - May 19

Map pick/ban, gifting, reporter feedback and…VALORANT on Netflix?

Q: Now that there are 7 maps in the rotation, will you be adding a map pick/ban system?

This is not something we're currently planning for regular Competitive queue play, because at this time we really want to reinforce learning how to play all maps (instead of always avoiding specific ones). That being said, we do believe a map pick/ban system is worth exploring in an environment fit for complex team strategizing like our planned tournament mode. It's still a work-in-progress, but we see its potential in a space where teams will have planned plays and Agent compositions for various maps—or maybe they just want to avoid yay's Chamber on Bind.

—Jon Walker, Competitive Designer

Q: Are you still working on a Gifting system?

We are definitely as excited about this idea as we were the first time we talked about it—initially targeting gifting by the end of 2020. That being said, the work behind a potential system is currently in our backlog mostly due to prioritizing other in-game changes, as well as exploring more comprehensive ways to bring it to VALORANT. No timeline as of today.

—Stephen Kraman, Product Manager

Q: Any updates on a possible in-game replay system?

Shortly after VALORANT’s launch we told you we were very much interested in exploring the feasibility of an in-game replay system to discover the best possible execution given a wide range of potential uses. The shortest answer today is that there is no plan for a player-facing version of a replay system, as of now.

We know this is a frequently requested feature from all types of players. Our exploration is continuous against developing our other VALORANT features (like new ways to track and reward Agent progress, player behavior tools, different ways to collect in-game items)—all to measure what makes the most sense to prioritize based on what serves the most players and has the most long term impact on game health.More directly, this exploration has helped us discover how we might use some of what we've learned to help improve observing in matches as well as evolving our live esports broadcasts.

—Steven Eldredge, Game Production

Q: How come I report this clearly AFK player and never get reporter feedback?

Currently, reporter feedback only works when the reason why a player was punished is due to text/voice toxicity. For example, if you report a player for AFK-ing, and they get punished, you won’t receive a penalty message. We're working on this now! No exact date to share, but we’ll fix this so that if you report someone and they get punished, you will always receive a message. That does mean that as a result of this issue, there are cases where you may not have received a message that a player you reported was punished, even though the punishment may have actually happened.

But please, please keep the reports coming!

—Social & Player Dynamics team

Q: Thoughts on alternating skins when on attack or defense?

We've seen an appetite for getting additional use out of your current collection, so we're actually already exploring the feasibility of an idea like this. There are no commitments to share today and here is why. The team needs to first understand/test the limits of performance and memory so that you don't see any negative impacts in and out of the game. We would also need to consider making any potential updates to the collections page to properly showcase/support this in the current collections menu. Finally, among some other unknowns, are there already other concepts in progress that may compete with this idea in some way.

—Sean Marino, Art Lead, and Preeti Khanolkar, Lead Producer, Cosmetics

Q: Arcane was amazing—will we see a VALORANT Netflix series?

Arcane was amazing! We'd be lying if we claimed not to have hopes and dreams of one day delivering something of that stature in the VALORANT Universe but wow, our LoL cousins set an insanely high bar with the series!

From the outset, we set out to create an expansive universe with depth of characters to support any potential future experiences that we believe players would want, including premium entertainment.

BUT…don't expect anything too soon. We’re going to remain hyper-focused on the game for quite some time and we have plenty we still want to do to keep expanding the universe in support of VALORANT the game.

—David Nottingham, Creative Director