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Announcing VALORANT First Strike


Today we are thrilled to announce the first major VALORANT esports tournament - First Strike. This event will crown the first regional champions for the game, allowing players and teams to showcase their greatness through merit based qualifiers that will culminate in multiple regional finals in December.

VALORANT is a deeply competitive title, one for which esports is a critical extension of the experience we want to provide to players. First Strike will be the first tournament produced by Riot Games and an important foundational step to establishing regional legacy. As we continue to plan ahead for the future, our approach will continue to be heavily driven by the core principles shared earlier this year. 

For those who are aspiring to compete in First Strike, start building and practicing with your rosters now. Regional qualifiers will begin in the second half of October and we’ll be releasing additional details about rules, policies, and how to register in the next few weeks. The event will conclude with multiple regional finals that will occur from December 3rd to the 6th. Players sixteen and above who have earned a rank of Immortal 1 will generally be eligible to compete in the qualifiers, but we advise to check the full rules and policy once they are released. First Strike will offer multiple regional finals taking place across North America, Europe, CIS, Turkey, Asia, Oceania, Brazil, and the Middle East.

Since the launch we’ve been busy listening to your expectations and hopes for the future of VALORANT esports. Both through the Ignition Series and hundreds of smaller tournaments, we received valuable insight from tournament operators and fans that we have incorporated into our plans for First Strike. Competitive integrity remains our number one priority; during the past six months we’ve collaborated closely with the VALORANT anti-cheat team to identify, investigate, and respond to any suspicious behaviour and continue to do so both during the qualifiers and the finals. We’ve also evaluated which formats, match cadence, and scheduling best compliment VALORANT and enhance the fan experience. Finally, we’ve prioritized many of the observer features you requested, with several having shipped already and several more on the way. Your support and enthusiasm has helped turn VALORANT into today's fastest growing esport, and your feedback remains one of our most valuable resources for improving esports.

We look forward to sharing First Strike with you and discovering which teams will become the first Champions of their region! 

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