Competitive Policies & Rules for VALORANT Esports

Today we are releasing the initial versions of the VALORANT competitive policies for esports.

Competitive Integrity for VALORANT Esports

Today, we are releasing the first versions of competitive policies that will serve as the cornerstones of VALORANT esports. Over the past few months, the feedback you shared has been invaluable in helping us identify the necessary structures to ensure the current, and future, competitive integrity of our sport. Thank you to the many players, teams, fans, and tournament operators whose contributions helped shape the policies we are releasing today.

Why This is Important

The vast majority of rule violations can be prevented by writing clear rules and being responsive to teams and players who are seeking clarification. As VALORANT esports continues to grow, my goal is to institute the greatest possible clarity and transparency for the participants of the competitive ecosystem.

To further supplement our competitive policies and ensure fair play, we’ve built a strong partnership with the VALORANT anti-cheat team. Along with our tournament partners, the anti-cheat team helps us review instances of suspicious behavior during competitive events. This will assist us in identifying players who are clearly pursuing unfair tactics and provide a balanced playing field for all participants.

Going forward, prior to participating in any Riot-sanctioned VALORANT competition, all players will be required to accept and agree to abide by the outlined rules and policies. Your feedback continues to be invaluable as we seek to grow VALORANT in a manner that is authentic to the community. Please continue to share your thoughts, we’ll be listening.

  • Alex Francois, Head of Competitive Operations for VALORANT Esports

Prior to joining the VALORANT Esports team, Alex worked in the NFL’s Management Council and Football Operations departments, two bodies responsible for ensuring competitive integrity was maintained in all facets of the sport of professional football, from the NFL Draft, to the Pre-Season, and throughout the regular season, playoffs, and the Super Bowl.