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VCT APAC LCQ 2021 Team Allocation Update


The team allocation of the VCT APAC LCQ will be updated due to logistical issues that have the potential to impact the overall competitive integrity of the tournament. As a result the slots previously allocated to teams from China will be redistributed to other regions. Additionally, the event will see the departure of Japanese team ZETA DIVISION, who requested to withdraw from the competition.

However, the APAC LCQ will proceed with a 10-team format with a replacement team fielded for ZETA DIVISION, and Korea and Japan will each receive one additional slot.


The online-only APAC LCQ will continue to see 10 teams, now from 4 regions, compete for a single spot at Champions. The new LCQ team allocations are as follows:

  • Southeast Asia - 3
  • Korea - 3
  • Japan - 3
  • South Asia - 1

As previously announced, slots will be awarded to teams who hold the most Circuit points in the region and have not already qualified for the event. These teams are determined following the outcome of the Stage 3 Masters tournament in Berlin. Slots will also be allocated in regions where Circuit points were not awarded. We will share the updated tournament bracket once replacement teams are confirmed.

For more information on the overall tournament format and where to watch matches, please refer to this Tournament Format & Broadcast Channel article on the VALORANT Esports website.

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