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Ask VALORANT - Nov. 19



I’d really like to know how many hours my friends and I have spent in the game. Is it possible to add this feature?


We want players to have ways to show off their investment in VALORANT whether that's their ability to climb the ladder or to showcase how long they've been playing. We're still exploring the most exciting way to do so but rest assured there will be ways to display your dedication in the future.

—Miles Metzger, Revenue Strategist


Will we ever be able to transfer account regions without losing hundreds of dollars of skins and hundreds of hours of progress?


This is something we definitely know is important, and it’s on our list behind a couple of other critical priorities for VALORANT. We'd like it to be sooner, but it's looking this option will be available towards the middle of 2021.

—Naoise Creaven, Senior Producer


Have you thought about having certain patches for tournaments exist on their own servers?


Tournament Realms (basically, a private server) are something we're actively pursuing and are coming soon™. For First Strike, we were only planning to use a separate patchline (consider this Tournament Realm-lite) for the main event, but ended up launching this early to allow tournaments to continue on the same patch they started on. This has allowed us to keep esports on a separate patch from live and is something we're bringing back globally for the First Strike main event Dec. 3–6.

In the future, we'll have fully flushed out Tournament Realms that will give us even more control over the environment that esports is played on. We'll have specific rules around what patches cab be used for certain tournaments to help create the best environment for competitive play. We're extremely focused on competitive integrity and will continue to adapt our plans in collaboration with both devs and players.

—Riley Yurk, Manager, VALORANT Esports Strategy

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