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End of Year: Audio Discipline


Greetings from the Audio discipline!

We work on the pods that bring you Agents, Weapons, Maps, Modes, and more. Whether it's voice over, sound design, or music, we've got it covered.

VALORANT's writers and VO directors traveled the world to give voice to our global Agents. It was the Audio discipline's job to polish those recordings and trigger them at the right times. We needed the Agents to express themselves without compromising competitive integrity. We wanted to amplify your big moments and fuel your curiosity about the world of VALORANT.

We can't wait to share what we have in store for 2021!

We turned to Lick and composer Jesse Harlin to bring VALORANT's fresh style with attitude to our in-game music. Episode 2 brings some new vibes to the VALORANT universe, and the music will be evolving, too.

We knew audio would play a key role in your gameplay experience, as you listened for any clue you could hear before you could see your enemy—and they could see you. You'd expect ample warning when Raze's Paint Shells were coming your way, or if Brimstone's Orbital Strike was about to unleash fury from above! We tried to capture Cypher's deftness, Skye’s ferocity, and Breach’s raw power. We knew you'd want to customize your arsenal, too, so we recorded everything from creatures who would snatch the magazine out of your hand when reloading, to plastic toys and wrapping paper. We're putting the finishing touches on our Episode 2 content and features now, so there will be more to listen to next year.

We rely heavily on internal playtest feedback to make the audio the best it can be—and you supercharged us with your feedback once we released. Thank you for listening! For showing us when we pushed against our limits and delighted you—and when we went too far. You're telling us if we hit the mark, every day, and helping make VALORANT a better game. Seeing you play is such a treat.

We wish you the best end of year possible, we'll see you in game in 2021!

—The VALORANT Audio Discipline

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