State of the Agents: Gekko, Deadlock, and ???

Character Producer John Goscicki gives a brief look at 2023’s Agents and a preview of the next Agent.

Hey friendos!

The year is coming to an end, and with that we are going to be releasing our last new Agent for 2023. Your voice, passion, and plays have shaped how we work, and what teams create. The team’s hope is that each new Agent introduces new ways to play, and changes the way you approach old scenarios. As we add to this wonderful roster, Agents can also be a reflection of you, and your friends.


Gekko and the homies were the LA vibe that kicked off the year. We wanted to explore different ways to initiate into locations, and the crew gave us tools to do so. Within the Initiator role, Gekko’s spot in the roster is still forming, and we are excited to see how he emerges given the recent balance changes.

The mischievous buddies have also found their way into your hearts. We always knew Mosh, Dizzy, Thrash, and of course Wingman would be something special, but y’all took them to a new level with how they have been embraced. Gekko was a big risk on our end, and your love for him has shown us this was the right risk to take. 


Deadlock on the other hand, wasn't as eager to embrace Gekko and his creatures. She doesn't take shit from anyone, and is here to stop any special threats.

Although it can take months for a new Agent’s potential and contributions to be felt, we’ve heard that many of you are feeling that her addition to the Sentinel roster is a bit weak at the moment. We are keeping an eye on areas of her kit that we can improve that would help Deadlock become a Sentinel that can better react on the fly..

Now to the end of the year, and one last Agent to go. It’s been almost two years since our last Duelist, Neon, joined the roster and many of you ego-fraggers have been asking for a new one. At its core VALORANT is a team-based Tac Shooter where gunplay shines. For some of you that means aspiring to plow through enemies like Jinggg, and putting hours in clicking those orbs with aim trainers for that clean 5K.

This next Agent is for you. We’ve also got a little twist you never thought would make it into VALORANT… well.. Some of you mayyyy have been dreaming in the right direction.