State of the Agents - Feb. 2021

Character Producer John Goscicki drops the latest look of where our Agents are today and where they are headed.

Hey there friends!

It’s John Gosicki, character producer here for another look at our Agents today and tomorrow. We skipped January, but we’re here now! Let's go into it. Last time we hit two big topics: Controllers and hinting at Yoru…who well, isn’t a secret anymore, he’s here, in the game now, shooting people o_o

With Brimstone and Omen changes live since 2.0, we’re seeing them settle into some healthier places. Right now, there is a more even choice competition between the two of them that highlight their respective strengths.

That leaves us with one more Controller though.



Many of you have been perusing the patch notes, waiting for some larger updates to address issues that Viper’s run into. I’m gonna be the bearer of bad news that the next patch is not when you’ll see that update. We need to spend more time really defining where she fits within the choice competition among Brimstone and Omen.

She has a really unique spot within the roster, and we want to make sure that any work we do goes towards highlighting the specific play patterns she represents, in conjunction with her power fantasy.



Yoru tore his way into the fight this year, and we’re stoked to see how excited y’all have been to play him. (I personally may have already bought Yoru stickers for my notebook :P thank you for the fan art!).

It’s only been a few weeks since he launched but we’ve noticed that mastery of his infiltration tools are not leading to the level of success we’d hoped for. So, given the current state of Yoru, we’re looking into some near future buffs.


So….um, this leaves us with the future. Y’all have been asking for another Controller, and well, that’s what you’re getting next!

As we’ve discussed before, we’re trying to push the boundaries when it comes to Agent abilities in VALORANT, and so far, everything we’ve thrown at you has been less disruptive than we thought they’d be. That said, our next Controller is a cosmic shift from the play patterns you’ve grown accustomed to. This one is for all you “galaxy brain” players out there that like to study everything that happens on a map.

There are still a few topics we’d like to dive into, but that will come in a different article. So keep and eye out over the coming weeks for some deep discussions on VALORANT Agents.