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Verizon VCT Game Changers NA Series 2 Main Event Presented by Dignitas — Everything You Need To Know


With a weekend of open qualifiers in the books, the top eight teams will now battle for ultimate victory at the second major VCT Game Changers event.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Verizon VCT Game Changers NA Series 2 Main Event, presented by Dignitas.


VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers is a year-long program with the goal of creating new opportunities and exposure for women and marginalized genders seeking to participate in VALORANT esports, through a combination of community events and top-tier competition.

Verizon VCT Game Changers NA Series 2 Main Event is a double elimination tournament featuring best-of-three matches until the grand final, which will be a best-of-five showdown. In addition to first-place prize money, winners will receive commemorative apparel and posters, courtesy of Dignitas.



  • Dignitas
  • Cloud9 White
  • TSM
  • Just Breathe
  • CLG Red
  • GX3
  • Shopify Rebellion




Casters and Analysts



All matches of the Verizon VCT Game Changers NA Series 2 Main Event are open to be co-streamed on Twitch by applying for and following our co-streaming guidelines. In addition to open applications for co-streaming, Dignitas VALORANT influencers starsmitten, Herculyse and sapphiRe will co-stream the tournament on their personal Twitch channels, narrating the tournament and conducting giveaways for each of their audiences.


VALORANT NA and Dignitas will provide official broadcast streams of every match in the Verizon VCT Game Changers NA Series 2 Main Event. With matches being played simultaneously on Thursday and Friday, we’ve organized the streams to make sure you can find each one.

Each match day begins with a preshow at 11:30am PT, followed by the first set of matches at 12pm PT.

VCT Game Changers Series 2 Main Event - Day 01: Thursday, June 24

  • Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
    • [12pm PT] Match 1: Dignitas vs. Shopify Rebellion
    • [~2:30pm PT] Match 3: Cloud9 White vs. NOTHING2LOSE
  • Upper Bracket Quarterfinals - ALT
    • [12pm PT] Match 2: Just Breathe vs. CLG Red
    • [~2:30pm PT] Match 4: TSM vs. GX3
  • Lower Bracket Round 1
    • [~5pm PT] Match 5: Match 1 Loser vs. Match 2 Loser
  • Lower Bracket Round 1 - ALT
    • [~5pm PT] Match 6: Match 3 Loser vs. Match 4 Loser

VCT Game Changers Series 2 Main Event - Day 02: Friday, June 25

  • Upper Bracket Semifinals
    • [12pm PT] Match 7: Match 1 Winner vs. Match 2 Winner
  • Upper Bracket Semifinals - ALT
    • [12pm PT] Match 8: Match 3 Winner vs. Match 4 Winner
  • Lower Bracket Quarterfinals
    • [~2:30pm PT] Match 10: Match 5 Winner vs. Match 7 Loser
  • Lower Bracket Quarterfinals ALT
    • [~2:30pm PT] Match 9: Match 6 Winner vs. Match 8 Loser

VCT Game Changers Series 2 Main Event - Day 03: Saturday, June 26

  • Upper Bracket Finals
    • [12pm PT] Match 11: Match 7 Winner vs. Match 8 Winner
  • Lower Bracket Semifinals and Finals
    • [~2:30pm PT] Match 12: Match 9 Winner vs. Match 10 Winner
    • [~5pm PT] Match 13: Match 12 Winner vs. Match 11 Loser

VCT Game Changers Series 2 Main Event - Day 04: Sunday, June 27

  • Grand Finals
    • [12pm PT] Match 14: Match 11 Winner vs. Match 13 Winner


Verizon continues its support of VCT Game Changers by presenting the post-game player interview on broadcast after every match. Additionally, Verizon is expanding its commitment to the VCT Game Changers program. Launching this fall, Verizon will provide training and mentoring to the next generation of female esports casters, arming them with the tools and insights needed to grow their careers.

Dignitas has joined VCT Game Changers as the presenting partner. The storied esports organization is home to one of the first Women’s professional VALORANT teams and long-time partner of Riot Games through the League Championship Series. As an advocate for championing opportunities for women in esports, Dignitas will produce a series of content leading up to and during the VCT Game Changers meant to celebrate the storylines and successes of many of the inspirational women participating in this marquee event. Dignitas will award winning competitors with unique, commemorative items to celebrate their victory.

Nerd Street Gamers (Nerd Street) is a national network of esports facilities and events dedicated to powering competitive opportunities for gamers. Nerd Street is the official tournament operator and producer for Stage 1, 2, and 3 of Riot Games’ VALORANT Champions Tour in North America, and was selected to have a similar role for the first Game Changers Series back in March. The organization is handling registration for VCT Game Changers NA presented by Dignitas, operations including captains meetings, player communications, and match observers, as well as all of the production needs for both the qualifier and main event.

Galorants is the largest, all-female VALORANT community focused on introducing and furthering female involvement in esports, providing weekly leagues, bi-weekly community games, larger scale monthly tournaments, as well as small introductions to production aspects.

Twitch is the exclusive broadcast home for the event. The event will be broadcast daily from 11:30 AM PT at Twitch.tv/Dignitas. Moreover, Dignitas and Twitch are giving creators the ability to co-stream the event from their personal Twitch channels, as part of a joint effort to champion women’s VALORANT content creators. Visit Twitch’s help article and blog post for specifics on how to co-stream.

Aim Lab is the official FPS training partner of VCT Game Changers. Aim Lab highlights the best flick shot of the previous round — the “Flick of the Day” — and produces additional educational materials for the VCT Game Changers Series as part of their ongoing efforts to support the growth of VALORANT esports in North America, including The Aim Lab Combine in partnership with VCT Challengers North America. To learn more about Aim Lab, visit www.aimlab.gg, or follow Aim Lab on Twitter and Instagram (@aimlab) pages. Aim Lab is a free download on Steam, and you can join its Discord community anytime.


Total: $50,000

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