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04/27/21Game Updates

What’s New in VALORANT Episode 2 Act III


The VALORANT map rotation gets another one, welcome to Breeze. A fresh Battlepass, the Forsaken skin bundle, and your last chance to upgrade your potential Episode 2 Rank Gun Buddy is here.

For those wondering about our usual new Agent, we’re modifying our routine this time to prioritize quality over speed. Agents take time, and we’re making sure we release the next one with the level of refinement you expect. Now go play Breeze!

NEW MAP: BREEZE (Apr. 27 Breeze-only queue, May. 12 Unrated & Competitive)


This Caribbean getaway is loaded with large open spaces, wider choke points, and colorful murals. There’s a truth below the surface of Breeze’s beach and sun that hopefully, you’ll be too busy dealing with long range fire to notice. 

You’re also free to just vibe on the map, just don’t throw the match.

We’re also starting with a Breeze-only Unrated queue for the first two weeks of Act III, because we know some of you want to grind Breeze until your eyes bleed. The map enters the standard Unrated and Competitive queue thereafter.



Play more, earn more when you unlock Battlepass tiers filled with custom content. Act III exclusives include the Lightwave Frenzy skin (with variants!), the Bloodline Player Card, and the Lucky Rabbit Gun Buddy.

Purchase the Act III Premium Battlepass for even more tiers of VALORANT items, like the Depths Vandal skin, Lightwave Phantom (yes, with variants), and the Songsteel melee.

Learn more about VALORANT’s Battlepass system here.



The latest bundle lets you equip the remnants of the exiled Sovereign, the banished and corrupted—dark hoodie not included.

Collect the Forsaken Bundle to nab looks for the Operator, Classic, Spectre, and Vandal. A melee, Player Card, Spray, and Gun Buddy also get the Forsaken treatment.



The world is watching your climb. Show that you can stand with the best of them and track your pursuit on the leaderboard. 

Don’t forget, this is the last Act to determine your Episode 2 Ranked Gun Buddy. Keep climbing before your Act Rank locks (we’ll remind you when) and upgrade your potential EP2 Gun Buddy, coming at the end of Act III.


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