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Community Spotlight #2


This week, we asked our regional teams to find some strong examples of new player-friendly videos from creators that can help anyone get started in VALORANT.

If you’ve only dipped your toes in our game or need some spicy tips, you’re likely to find something below— Give them a try!

Thanks to all the creators featured here, we are always on the lookout for more.


This is a great guide from Cooruja that covers all Agents and discovering which one is the perfect pick for your game style.


Skyyart explains many complex aim mechanics that could help make your kill count jump.


Fish & Chill offers tips on how to control your recoil. Super helpful especially if you are coming from other FPS games (happy to have you).


In under nine minutes, Jordy Filbert’s tutorial introduces aim mechanics and settings including how to adjust those finicky sensitivity settings depending on what you’ve played before.


Lazvell goes deep on something many forget—settings! He goes through just about every setting in VALORANT with his recommendation for mouse, sensitivity, and crosshairs.


Watch these three aim tips from Deanbits, specific exercises in practice mode that they say should help improve aim, one taps, flick shots, and strafing.

This basic guide from RocketLive on how to play VALORANT gets you in and out in about 10 minutes.


Let LMNTRIX be your intro to more complex tips with this guide for Breach players on Ascent. Although specific, it’s a great start for anyone wanting to try their hand at Breach.


Emelejt teaches not only how to shoot but everything that helps makes you a good player—controlling recoil, movement, peeking, training aim, hud etc.


OK, we’ll admit this is on the longer side, but if you are trying to squeeze in three months of VALORANT knowledge in one go, check out this video from LevTVision.


We love 10-minute guides and you should too. Here. Dingception delivers strategies that honestly work for all levels. He even adds some gameplay theory for you.


Coach somehow manages to squeeze in all things VALORANT in a quick overview with some tips for beginners.


This detailed tutorial from Kuuhaku teaches you how to aim better. If you haven’t figured out by now, work on your aim!


This beginner’s guide for VALORANT from FourEyes focuses on a smaller selection of Agents and how to play them. Should help if you feel overwhelmed by all the options.