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Community Spotlight #7


Earlier this month, Reddit user John_Bot_ asked if it was too early to get spooky in VALORANT.

This Community Spotlight is to show you that VALORANT’s been spooky. No really, a lot of you are convinced that VALORANT is a horror game.

(warning: scares mean some nsfw language in the videos below)

Let’s ease into it with John Bot’s awesome Omen pumpkin. Tell your neighbors we said hi.


Now for the classic that cemented the genre. Brimstone guarantees fuslie will never look at boomers the same way again.

What’s the boogeyman? As a matter of fact, it’s Omen (via Gunshot25)

Don’t worry, techwearcsgo is the character who survives at the end.

Sentient vacuums are also scary (via Apithanos)

Cheshire Ceht seems to have opened a portal to the Yith.

I always feel like Brimstone is watching me (via R4Y).

“It really is a horror game, isn’t it?” (via 66una)

This is like finding a VHS tape at the bottom of a well (via CEO of Memes)

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