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Community Spotlight #6


Hey and welcome to another VALORANT Community Spotlight, our ongoing series where we show you some of the good trends in our community.

Today, one of our VALORANT illustrators (you might know him from our Episode I art) selects a few of his recent favorite pieces of fan art and talks about why he digs them.

Hello, my name is Ke Su, a.k.a. SUKE. Previously, I worked as part of the League of Legends promo team, and I'm now happily on VALORANT. I love illustrating our characters and it's always fun to see the different ways our fans and players portray them.


I'm surprised by this art from tom_23579, particularly how they took our own VALORANT art style and transferred it into what looks to be their signature style. Also, just generally very well executed by the artist!


Just look at this awesome art from @fufuhol. I think it's super cool to see the character with such a dynamic pose. Makes it easy to imagine being melee’d by a teleporting Omen.


It’s easy to love this work from @MXNSTRAPPLE—one of my favorite pieces of fan art.


Maybe I’m cheating a little with this art from @sojyoo, a concept artist here at Riot Games. But it’s such a mind blowing design!


Sage says “hi” from Xketam. There is so much love here!