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Community Spotlight #4


Previously on Community Spotlight, we showed you some killer VALORANT cosplay. This time, we accessorize with the help of 3D printing from a few savvy members of the VALORANT community.

Have a look!

There’s just something about a Sheriff in blue. @WF3Dprinting shared their rendition of the six-shooter and even captured the process on video.


Remember VALORANT Closed Beta? This 3D-printed Prism Melee from @xMiguiDfx should help jog your memory.


Cosplayer and prop builder @MinanaDesti gives you an idea of what it would be like to wield the Prime Melee with their build.


The devil’s in the details for @EldritchFur’s take on Cypher’s Trapwire. Also makes for a fancy coaster.


You may have already spotted this 3D-printed replica of the Phantom on the VALORANT subreddit, but it’s absolutely worth showing the rest of the world what @domtelevision can do. Check out the reddit post or the complete photo album for more.


You know, it’s not often you get to see Jett’s kunai up close (because that means you’re dead), so enjoy reddit user Banana_mountain’s work of art.


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