Community Spotlight #5

Event coverage, schedules, and painfully detailed guides— Take a look at just a few of the great sites from the VALORANT community.

Previously, we showcased some great videos from our global community that can help you with the VALORANT basics. And now, this community spotlight is made for those who want to swim in the data and the details.

Consider these informal guides and recommendations that cover esports, aggregate top VALORANT gameplay clips, or creative tips on where to place those Sova arrows.

For some extra context, we launched our initial set of VALORANT API’s (Application Programming Interface) in July that allows outside developers to pull real match history data for some creative and valuable uses. Not every site below uses our API, but a few that do are featured here.



Maybe the easiest URL to remember, is a place to go when you want to give your wrists a rest and catch up on all things esports. With a “Spoiler” mode that keeps match results hidden to easy to find discussion topics and streams— keeps you up to speed. We also dig their new player stats page.



A familiar space in the esports community, Liquipedia’s VALORANT page is like something out of a fictional VALORANT-management sim. The reliable event and team info is all there but they take it one step further with a rabbit hole of match and player histories.



Be jealous of all the Sova mains. Here you’ll find an abundance of recommended Sova lineups for the Recon Bolt. Painfully detailed, broken down by maps, with video examples. A visual feast.



More than just another place for results and upcoming matches, THESPIKE.GG has a standout news section that often features players discussing VALORANT esports via the page’s own YouTube channel. Selfishly, we also love their detailed breakdown of the Riot API.



While there are no right or wrong settings (just look at the different crosshairs out there), is an easy to use guide to help you find what settings work best for your setup based on the settings of high-level competitors.



We like the clever mix of event info, guides and interviews presented in a visually fun layout. They also have a complimentary YouTube channel with highlights and player interviews.