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Community Spotlight #1


Hello and welcome to the VALORANT Community Spotlight, a new ongoing series where we show you some of the fun and obscure trends happening among our players.

For our debut, VALORANT Senior Illustrator Atey “Snatti” Ghailan picks a small sample of his recent favorite pieces of fan art and talks about why he loves them.

Take a look and make sure to check out each of these talents.

Hello, my name is Atey Ghailan, and I'm a part of the illustration team on VALORANT. I've been on the team for about five years and I'm really excited about all the amazing fanart you guys have been making.


I’m in love with this painting from @SUISUI_again because it captures our characters in such a fun and casual way. They both have really relaxed and playful expressions, and it's kind of how I imagine our characters would goof around when they are not busy rushing A site.


I really love the sense of movement in this one from @ExCharny! The way the VFX follows the motion of her dagger really adds so much to it, and the artist managed to capture Jett's likeness so well too! I also like how limited the colors and values are, which really makes this image pop.


OK how cute is this!? I’m a fan of @duetlol’s page overall, as she takes our VALORANT Agents and turns them into adorable cats. She also captures their personalities so well! I really love going to her page for the latest cat transformations.


The artist behind this artwork, @eggramen_, is describing how it feels when you play Sova for the first time—you always seem to end up shooting the arrows back at yourself. I think we can all relate to this so much and I love how they conveyed that story with their wonderful artstyle.