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End of Year: Esports Team


Hello VALORANT Esports community!

Thank you for your support of esports during the past year! At every step of the way your enthusiasm fueled us to take whatever plans we had, and find ways to dial them up to eleven. 

  Seeing millions of you drive viewership records during the beta inspired us to create more opportunities to watch high level competitive play. As global fandom grew during the Ignition Series, it gave us the confidence to go big with our future plans for First Strike and the Champions Tour. We listened closely on social about what you wanted to see from our spectator client, leading to a whole suite of new features: sightlines, Agent select screens, round rollback features, colored visual cues, a new esports HUD, and many more improvements. 

Your ideas helped sharpen our thinking on which formats worked best for VALORANT, resulting in competitions that continued to set viewership records around the world.

First Strike barely scratched the surface of what VALORANT esports could become and our entire team is chomping at the bit for the opportunity to take it to the next level with the Champions Tour in January!

Happy holidays!

—Whalen “Magus” Rozelle on behalf of the Valorant Esports Team