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End of Year: Expressions Team


Hello from the VALORANT Expressions team, which consists of the Progression and Store teams, collected from our various home offices.

From the Battlepass, Missions, UI, and well, the Store, you’ve joined us on the VALORANT launch in some way or another and we are here to say thanks for the ride so far, as well as preview some of the 2021 goods.


For real, patch after patch your feedback has helped us deliver better systems little by little. Lots of small UI improvements go a long way to getting the word out on skin releases, patch notes, new Agents, as well as announcements for Acts and promotions.

Shout out to the most visible members of the community for helping us ship incognito mode. The Observer tool is a different beast since launch, thanks in part to the talented observers and viewers who wanted the best view of the competition (we <3 electronic sports). And the new Battlepass Epilogue is for those of you who make VALORANT their main.

Next year, we’re looking to catch up in areas we think are behind. We’re not happy with our lack of metagame systems outside of Battlepass, so are looking to improve upon this. We can also say a system is coming to distribute ranked rewards and other content.


The Store, it works! Honestly, there’s a ton of work behind the scenes that we shield you from, like improving the backend so that orders fail less, adding more tools for player support agents (the human ones), and more.

Thanks for telling us what’s not working. From this, we’ve sped up the feature release calendar so that you all have the chance of acquiring skins through the Featured rotation first, we shipped pick any variant, and the upcoming Night Market. With the Night Market, we’ll bring back select weapon skins into the shop with a discounted price. The skins and discounts that appear are randomly generated so may the odds be ever in your favor.

Some of the earliest changes we hope to bring to you next year include improvements to the Night Market, and simply finding more ways for you to get more stuff.

From all of us, thanks for all of this. Later!

— Antoine Gersant, Jason Lin, Qifan Xi, Rob Rodi, Lea Hughes, Courtney Chan, Parampuneet Anand, Tea Chang, Baback Moussavi, Sungbo Baek, Brooklyn Schlamp, Eric Borzello, Geoff Haugan, Max Smiley, Micah Worsham, Miles Metzger, Joe Lee, Naoise Creaven

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