NA Last Chance Qualifier -- starts October 12

Official details about North America’s Last Chance Qualifier tournament

Masters: Berlin is behind us. Now, it’s time to find out which team will punch North America's final ticket to the event we’ve all been waiting for — VALORANT Champions in Berlin.

Here’s everything you need to know to watch North America’s Last Chance Qualifier, which kicks off October 12 and runs through October 17.

Tournament Overview

NA LCQ is an invite-only 8-team LAN tournament where the winner will walk away with a ticket directly to VALORANT Champions 2021. With Sentinels and Envy through to Champions already, the stage is set for the remaining top eight North American teams to battle it out to determine the last team standing.

We built this tournament to include the two teams who reached the Grand Final of the VALORANT Oceania Tour 2021: Championship, ORDER and Chiefs Esports Club, and who had thus earned the right to participate in the LCQ. However, due to COVID-19 regulations, travel documentation issues, and additional complex factors, we could not ensure that these teams could travel, compete in the event, and return home within a reasonable timeframe. As a result, ORDER and Chiefs will not be attending LCQ.

We are working towards including this exciting VALORANT region in future events and are grateful to each team for exhausting all available options in an attempt to attend. Both organizations will be compensated for this unfortunate outcome, and in recognition of both teams’ strong seasons.

The remaining participating LCQ teams have been determined by NA Circuit Point standings, which means our #1 seed is 100 Thieves, coming off of their semifinals run at Masters Berlin.

Although NA LCQ will be played on Patch 3.07, newly released map Fracture will be disabled for the entire tournament.

Competing Teams


*Three-way tie broken by Stage 3 points, then Stage 2 points, then Stage 1 points

Bracket and Schedule:


We heard the community’s and players’ feedback on the original bracket format. We’ve decided to shift to a double elimination bracket culminating in a Best-of-5 Grand Final on Day 6, Sunday, October 17.

VALORANT NA will provide official broadcast streams of every match in the NA LCQ. We invite people and organizations to co-stream these matches by registering and following our co-streaming guidelines (more below).

You can watch all the NA LCQ action live on YouTube ( and Twitch ( and

NA LCQ - Day 1: Tuesday, October 12

  • Round 1
    • [12:00 PM PT] Match 1: 100 Thieves (#1 seed) vs. Gen.G Esports (#8 seed)
    • [3:00 PM PT] Match 2: XSET (#4 seed) vs. Luminosity Gaming (#5 seed)
  • Round 2
    • [6:00 PM PT] Match 3: Match 1 Winner vs Match 2 Winner

NA LCQ - Day 2: Wednesday, October 13

  • Round 1
    • [12:00 PM PT] Match 4: FaZe Clan (#3 seed) vs. Rise (#6 seed)
    • [3:00 PM PT] Match 5: Version1 (#2 seed) vs. Cloud9 Blue (#7 seed)
  • Round 2
    • [6:00 PM PT] Match 6: Match 4 winner vs. Match 5 winner

NA - Day 3: Thursday, October 14

  • Round 2
    • [12:00 PM PT] Match 7: Match 1 Loser vs. Match 2 Loser
    • [3:00 PM PT] Match 8: Match 4 Loser vs. Match 5 Loser

NA LCQ - Day 4: Friday, October 15

  • Round 3
    • [12:00 PM PT] Match 9: Match 6 Loser vs. Match 7 Winner
    • [3:00 PM PT] Match 10: Match 3 Loser vs. Match 8 Winner
  • Upper Bracket Finals
    • [6:00 PM PT] Match 11: Match 3 Winner vs. Match 6 Winner

NA LCQ - Day 5: Saturday, October 16

    • Lower Bracket Semi-finals
      • [12:00 PM PT] Match 12: Match 9 Winner vs Match 10 Winner
    • Lower Bracket Finals
      • [3:00 PM PT] Match 13: Match 12 Winner vs Match 11 Loser

    NA LCQ - Day 6: Sunday, October 17

    • Grand Final - Best-of-5
      • [12:00 PM PT] Match 14: Match 11 Winner vs. Match 13 Winner

    Broadcast Talent:

    We’re excited to welcome back these casters and analysts to our broadcast:



    Watch Parties will return for North America’s Last Chance Qualifier!

    Anyone who wishes to host a Watch Party must read and agree to our VCT Co-streaming Guidelines and comply with the following steps in order to gain permission to co-stream the event:

      Grand Final In Theaters:

      In a special partnership with Iconic Events, the NA LCQ Grand Final will be broadcast live in select theaters across the United States on October 17. Visit to find tickets for a location near you.

      Iconic Events brings live and filmed entertainment of all types to movie theaters as special limited engagement events, so that fans can watch their favorites on the big screen. With events featured in cinemas across the US and internationally, Iconic Events programming includes live pay-per-view sports, music and comedy specials, award-winning television specials, and much more. We’re excited to bring this offering to VCT fans across NA.


      We’re proud to continue working with four fantastic partners throughout NA LCQ: Aim Lab, Credit Karma Money, Red Bull and Verizon.

      Aim Lab is the official FPS training partner of VCT Game Changers. Aim Lab highlights the best flick shot of the previous round — the “Flick of the Day” — and produces additional educational materials for the VCT Game Changers Series as part of their ongoing efforts to support the growth of VALORANT esports in North America, including The Aim Lab Combine in partnership with VCT Challengers North America. To learn more about Aim Lab, visit, or follow Aim Lab on Twitter and Instagram (@aimlab) pages. Aim Lab is a free download on Steam, and you can join its Discord community anytime.

      Credit Karma Money is the official fintech partner of VCT, presenting the “Instant Karma” moment during the match. “Instant Karma” moments highlight particularly selfless displays of teamwork that affect the match in a positive way.

      Red Bull is the official energy drink of VCT, presenting the Red Bull “Clutch Moment” during every match. Red Bull is also helping prepare the next generation of VALORANT pros with collegiate competitions, so everyone can see how talented the amateur scene is. And when it comes to stepping up your game, Red Bull is putting out an exclusive content series “Class In Session'' with VALORANT instructional content to help players improve.

      Verizon is the official 5G and wireless services provider of the VCT. In addition to top-shelf video content and sponsored broadcast segments, Verizon ups our game through the Verizon Up rewards program, which features discounted in-game digital goods for the community to enjoy.