Game Updates
SUNSET // Official Map Trailer - VALORANT
The long road to Los Angeles ends here. See VALORANT’s first foray into this vibrant new map set in Gekko’s stomping grounds.
UNITED TOGETHER // China Launch Official Cinematic - VALORANT
Unite together. Save the world. Celebrate our China launch by taking a look back at VALORANT Protocol’s first steps into Haven.
VALORANT Agent Takeover Recap
Artists, cosplayers, and creatives from all over answer what it's like between the fight for our Agents.
Game Updates
VALORANT Patch Notes 3.05
Episode 3 Act 2 goes live! Ability damage updates for three Agents, Rank distribution tweaks, and new Bonus XP.
Game Updates
VALORANT Patch Notes 3.0
Pretty much everything gets a change or two. Agents, Weapons, Competitive, performance—it just keeps going.
Game Updates
VALORANT Patch Notes 2.05
AFK detection and penalty updates, RR penalty for dodging ranked games, and a good number of bug fixes.
Game Updates
VALORANT Patch Notes 2.03
Yoru gets his first balance, Stinger is overhauled, and Escalation goes live.
Community Spotlight #3
Lockdowns don’t stop cosplay. These are a handful of some great VALORANT cosplay.
Game Updates
VALORANT Patch Notes 1.05
A slew of new in this patch: Killjoy, Act Ranks, Deathmatch (beta), and balance for Raze.
Game Updates
VALORANT Patch Notes 1.01
New Orbs for Spike Rush, performance improvements, and bug fixes for Reyna and Cypher round out the notes.
Game Updates
VALORANT Patch Notes 0.50
Credit cap, ability cost adjustments, as well as important Agent and weapon updates are part of this beefy patch.